Top 5 MTG Arena Streamers

Last time I wrote something relating to Magic and Twitch I was highlighting out my five favorite streamers, but at the time they were playing Magic Online. Unless you’ve been under a rock you know that Arena is changing the Magic landscape and has brought a new audience of both viewers and content producers. Today I’ll be ranking my five favorite Arena streams for newcomers and veterans alike. 

Brian Braun-Duin – Coming in my top slot is Brian, world champion and great person. I will say that I am extremely biased as I have known Brian for years, but to me he’s one of the best streamers Twitch has to offer from his sense of humor as well as high level play and willingness to try any and every deck. Brian can also be found writing for TCGPlayer to which his sense of humor and thought process has accrued a loyal following. If you’re looking to improve at Magic while having fun doing so then I don’t have a better recommendation than Brian.

Wyatt Darby – Wyatt is somewhat of an up and coming pro with one of the most positive attitudes I have ever seen. I do see the contrast of calling him up and coming as he won a Mythic Championship in June of 2018, but that was his first big finish of many to come I am sure. I am generally not a betting man, but if I had to put my money where my mouth was it would be on a subscription to Wyatt as his stream is a great resource for MTG Arena content.

CalebD – Caleb is the only holdover from my previous list for good reason. Caleb still streams a good amount of Magic Online instead of Arena, but he produces interesting content as somewhat of a brewmaster who will play anything and everything under the sun. His takes on attitude is great as somewhat of a meme machine and carefree atmosphere brings me back over and over. Caleb has been transitioning to stream Arena more often and is one of the poplar Magic Online streamers who is worth watching while still producing Arena content.

Sjow–  A Hearthstone pro and former professional StarCraft 2 player who is now a full time Magic Arena streamer. I have found it interesting seeing great players of other games transitioning to Magic. Fresh blood into every game brings new ways of thinking and approaches that are often overlooked by seasoned players. Sowj is sponsored by Team Liquid so if my endorsement of playskill wasn’t enough I wouldn’t overlook such a legendary esports brand stepping behind him.

ProfessorNoxLiveI have to admit that Noxious is not someone I find myself watching often personally, but is no doubt a pillar of the Magic community on Twitch. He commands respect as a content producer and the following he’s gathered due to the sheer number of regular viewers he has. One of the most viewed streamers for Magic is nothing to sneeze, but the fact he is a full time Arena streamer means there is always new videos and streams to be found. Noxious is someone who came to the game during the explosion of MTG Arena and his popularity is anything but unearned.

Until next time,

Daryl Ayers

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