7 Sleeves Crafter Inspiration Ideas For TCGs Card

Your deck is unique! So why aren’t your sleeves? With Sleeve Crafter, you can create custom sleeves with the renowned Dragon Shield quality! Simply upload your artwork to sleeve crafter, utilize the easy to operate editor and forge the coolest sleeves in the multiverse! With Sleeve Crafter the sky is the limit, or really, your imagination is the limit. With literal infinite possibilities it can be hard to pick what you’d like to print on your custom sleeves, here’s a list of ideas which will hopefully inspire you to get crafting!


Put your beloved pet on a card sleeve and let them defend your deck. If you are a proud pet owner I’m sure you’ve already thought of this one!


Immortalize a treasured memory on some sleeves. Re-live that memory each time you play using a deck sleeved in those cards. Been to a memorable GP? Got a photo from your first ever tournament win? Proudly show it off on some sleeves!

Your TCG team’s logo!

Are you part of a TCG team or club? Get your logo printed on some sleeves and represent your team on the battlefield! It feels awesome to sit at a table with your team and play with matching sleeves!

For a special deck

Have you got a special deck with a unique theme? Print some special sleeves for your deck which bring out the flavor of your deck. Print something cool for your favorite commander deck!


Are you an LGS owner, sell single cards or have a website or youtube channel you want to promote? Print some promotional custom card sleeves to help get the word out there!

Gift for a player

With Sleeve Crafter, you can create thoughtful gifts for a TCG playing friend. It can be tricky to pick something but the better you know the person the easier it becomes. Custom Sleeve Crafter sleeves make excellent Christmas or birthday gifts!

QR code

This is a unique one. Print a QR code on some sleeves which links people somewhere, link them to your decklist on our card manager web portal, Rick roll them or share your favorite music album with people at your LGS. If you are printing QR code sleeves it’s a good idea to use dynamic QR codes so you can change where the QR code links to. Check out these custom sleeves and see where they lead to, we promise its not a Rick roll.

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