Top 5 Fun Magic Cards

Last week Wizard’s decided to unban both Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and Bloodbraid Elf in Modern. It’s a crazy decision as both of these cards are extremely powerful but at the same time a ton of fun. It made me think it would be fun to talk about my top 5 powerful, but also fun Magic cards.

Keep in mind these are my opinions on what is fun!

Sorry The Scarab God, you didn’t make the cut! Even winning with you is miserable!

#5 Collected Company

This four-mana instant didn’t start off taking down tournaments, but eventually, this card began defining the Standard metagame. Multiple Pro Tours came and went with Bant Company being the most played deck. Even at Worlds in 2016, we saw my best friend Brian Braun-Duin win the whole thing with my take on Bant Humans. Since the card rotated out of Standard it’s still a Modern staple in decks like G/W Value Town, Bant Company, and Counters Company.

What makes this card so much fun is that you never know what’s coming. Six cards aren’t that many, and even in a deck full of creatures sometimes there won’t be any in the pile. The element of randomness is what makes this still enjoyable for all parties involved.

Top 5 Fun Magic Cards

#4 Emrakul, the Promised End

The trend for today is good cards in Standard. This card was so good Wizards had to ban it to stop it from dominating the format. Wizards just didn’t make the card cost enough mana, and that decision punished us with sometimes Emrakul, the Promised End costing only six mana.

The card was a blast to play with though! It made us think about new ways to build our decks, but also the games played out so uniquely. It was just such a good feeling to grab their hand, and ask yourself, “how exactly am I going to rain on their parade?” It also forced people to design their decks in a way to not get blown out too badly by it. Sadly though, that wasn’t really possible so the card got banned.

Top 5 Fun Magic Cards

#3 Gonti, Lord of Luxury

Now Gonti, Lord of Luxury may not be the most powerful card ever printed, but it has only gotten better and is my current favorite card in Standard. It may eventually become my favorite card ever! It’s just so much fun to play cards from your opponent’s deck. I really don’t know why, but it’s good too! As my friend always says, “I play boring midrange decks so Gonti lets me play with their fun cards!”

It’s nice being this luxurious. 

#2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace, the Mind Sculptor makes this list mostly due to how good it is. It’s not the most fun card to play against, but it’s a joy casting it! It can win the game all by itself but takes a long time figuring it out. There are so many decisions being made with the card that even though the games all end the same, the way you find the win is always different.  As they say, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!”

There’s a reason why this card jumped in price right when it got unbanned. Even if it ends up not being good in Modern, people will always be trying to make “Fetch” happen. Luckily for them, it probably will be great!

Top 5 Fun Magic Cards

#1 Dark Confidant

The top card on my list is also my favorite card. Well, until I play with Gonti, Lord of Luxury for another six months. On turn two this card isn’t much fun at all. The controller can just run away with a game thanks to all the card advantage. It can also die which is never fun to watch. What makes this powerful two-drop actually fun is when life totals are running low. Every reveal is intense with both players wanting different results to happen. There’s always someone very happy with what they see off the top while the other player not.

Greatness at any cost!

-Brad Nelson

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