Three New Matte Dual Sleeve Colors

Releasing on April 22nd
Buy them online or ask at your local game store

We’re releasing three new gorgeous colors of Matte Dual sleeves! Glacier, Peach & Crypt. All colors are releasing in both standard size and Japanese size.

Glacier is a cool color which still pops, it is brighter than Lagoon. Glacier sleeves are going to look gorgeous on ice themed decks while you freeze your opponents with style! Peach sleeves feature Piip the dragon, maybe one of, if not, the cutest dragon that we’ve ever seen on a pack of sleeves ❤ Peach has a lovely pastel like pink color which will look amazing on all sorts of decks! Crypt sleeves have a subtle color for those who like to win with subtlety and subterfuge! Play mono black but are tired of mono black sleeves? Give these a go!

Standard Size

matte dual glacier sleees dual matte peach sleeves dual matte sleeve crypt
Glacier Peach Crypt
dual matte glacier Japanese size Japanese size dual matte peach sleeve Japanese size matt dual crypt sleeve

Japanese Size

What are Dual Sleeves?

  • Dual sleeves have a Matte back giving them an incredible shuffle feel.
  • They are also black on the inside, so they look incredible with black bordered cards like MTG or FAB.
  • On non black borered TCG cards the black backing really helps the artwork on cards to POP!
  • Matte Dual sleeves are fully opaque so you don’t need to worry about opacity!

Matte Dual sleeves recieved an A+ from The Professor, check out the review here:

If you want to learn more about Matte Dual sleeves you can go here.

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