Thoughts on the New Yu-Gi-Oh! Banlist

Hello everyone! We recently received our latest update to the Forbidden/Limited list! This list was one of the smallest in recent memory, but it was definitely one of the if not the most impactful. I will go over each card individually and give my thoughts on each one.  Below is the complete list:


Firewall Dragon


Armageddon Knight


Destiny Hero – Malicious


A-Assault Core

Called by the Grave

Kozmo Dark Destroyer

Firewall Dragon:

This is the absolute most important hit on the banlist and also one people most wanted. Firewall Dragon has wreaked havoc on the dueling scene for over a year now. It first become a problem when Spyral could set up a board with multiple of these in one turn and even Trickstar used an OTK with this card! In recent months, it has been the culprit of many extra links with Gouki and multiple FTKS including the very popular Danger Dark World FTK.  This hit was an absolute must because more and more cards would have continued to be hit just in order to keep this unbalanced card around. The only way I ever see this card becoming legal again is if it receives an errata.

Armageddon Knight/Destiny Hero Malicious:

I’m grouping these two cards together since for the most part they were used in combination with each other. Armageddon Knight sending Malicious to the graveyard was a very powerful turn one play that snowballed into Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights and Summon Sorceress. With Isolde and Summon Sorceress getting a reprint soon, it makes sense that Konami went this route with their hits.

A-Assault Core:

This card was only limited because of a Cannon Soldier/Firewall Dragon FTK that was discovered with this card so naturally konami has decided to unlimited it. ABC definitely will become a playable rogue option once again.

Called By The Grave:

This is the only change on the list I don’t agree with. There are more and more insanely powerful link monsters and new combos seemingly coming out every month. The best way to combat these board when going 2nd against these decks are hand traps such as Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. However, this card allows the combo player to push through most defenses their opponent might have. I think this card should have been left at two or even put to one.

Kozmo Dark Destroyer

After just being put to two (from one) last list, this card finally has been unlimited! while I don’t think Kozmos are going to have a real impact on the meta, it’s definitely a deck to keep an eye on for future formats.

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