Things to Do After Being Eliminated from a Major Tournament: Great Side Events

Howdy, everyone! I am Miguel Soto with Team Shenanigans Gaming and I am back again with another great article! In this article, I will be covering side events. Side events are tournaments featured outside of the main event that consists of many different kinds of competitors, including those that have dropped from the main event, those who simply play for fun, and players looking for as much practice as possible.  Many different side events occur while the main event is in progress and if the main event did not go well for you, then a side event might be a stress reliever. Let’s take a look at the different side events that are available!

A side event, and the prizes associated, usually depend on what type of main event you are attending. During a regional tournament, side events could include Win-A-Mat and Structure Deck Royale tournaments. A Win-A-Mat tournament is a single elimination battle amongst eight players, all trying to reach first place with their own deck. The prize for first place is an official Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game limited edition playmat. This means if you win three matches, the playmat is yours! These events are a great way to compete and test your skill in a competitive environment. If you are unfamiliar with tournament play and are not quite ready to compete in the main event, this is a great way to start.

A Structure Deck Royale is a fun tournament where everybody who enters is given the same sealed structure deck to play with. Players get to keep the cards from the structure deck and also are playing for a special playmat that usually features the card art from the structure deck itself. Playing with pre-constructed decks evens the playing field amongst players and tests skill and knowledge of gameplay mechanics and rulings.

At a Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series (YCS), there are Win-A-Mats, Structure Deck Royales, and other events such as Attack of the Giant Card tournaments. Additionally, a side event prize card playoff is held.

Attack of the Giant Card is an extremely competitive tournament where the first-place prize is a copy of a GIANT card! There are very few of these giant cards printed and sometimes only one copy of certain giant cards is printed. This side event tournament is one that you should take seriously and come prepared for. As you enter side events during a YCS, you will accumulate points based on wins. The four players with the most points at the end of the event then compete for a coveted prize card in the mother of all side events.

Alter Reality Games Circuit Series tournaments (ARGCS) also have standard side-event tournaments similar to ones stated before, but one special side event catches the eye of many players: a $1000 cash prize event. This tournament offers high-level competitive play where you can earn cash for playing your favorite game.

In addition to Regionals, YCS’s, and independent tournament organizers, like ARG, players compete all over the world in World Championship Qualifier events. The top players receive invites to the World Championships. But if you don’t do as well as you’d like in the Qualifier, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Unique side events are available for these events such as the Pegasus Tournament or the 3 vs 3 dueling events! The Pegasus side event is one where anything that the character Maximillian Pegasus says goes! Joining this event is good fun and gives everyone participating a good laugh. Ridiculous rules are applied out of nowhere during each match.

The 3 vs 3 dueling event is one of my personal favorites. Not only do you rely on yourself, but also on 2 teammates who have to perform well in order to defeat the opposing team. Two out of the three players must win their match against opposing team members in order to secure a win and advance to the next round of play. Uncut sheets of rare cards are awarded to the three top finishing teams.

Many players often focus on the main event for fame and prizes and forget that side events are fun and worth playing in. Side events are important as they help a player grow. Joining side events helps players learn new combos, how to side deck better against certain matchups, learn rulings, and reflect on gameplay. Joining side events will definitely help you improve by the time the World Championship Qualifier tournament is underway! Next time you don’t do so well, remember to always stay positive, join a side event, and have fun.

—Miguel Soto

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