The best Dragon Shield sleeves to keep your cards in mint condition!

Keeping your cards in mint condition is fantastic, protect the cards you love so they they’ll be minty fresh for a long time! Maintain the card’s value and condition.

So what sleeves should you use to keep your cards in mint condition?

Firstly, you should double sleeve the card, this gives the card two layers of protection. For a more detailed explanation on why you should double-sleeve and how to do it, check out our guide on double-sleeving here.

For standard size cards, put the card in a Perfect Fit Sealable sleeve then place the card in a regular matte, classic or brushed sleeve. For an extra layer of protection, put the card in a toploader. This will give your card the best protection possible!

perfect fit sealable sleeves

For Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, use a Perfect Fit Sealable sleeve, then a regular Japanese size sleeve, and then triple-sleeve the card with an Outer Sleeve and then put the card in a toploader. That’s 4 whole layers of protection!

How to use Perfect Fit Sealable sleeves:

How to use Japanese size Sealable sleeves and Outer Sleeves:

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