How do you clean Dragon Shield sleeves?

If you’ve been playing TCGs for a long time you might have experienced sleeves getting dirty and becoming ‘gross sleeves’. After a long period of use sleeves will begin to collect dirt and grime on the front and back of the sleeve. What can be done to prevent this and what can be done to fix this problem once it arises?

In order to prevent getting dirty sleeves you can use deck boxes to store your cards however it is important to avoid getting small bits of dirt in the deck box.

Oil from your hands will sit on the front and back your card sleeves, this will eventually pick up dust and dirt. So once your sleeves inevitably become dirty after a long period of use it is a good idea to clean them. You might have special sleeves with sentimental value, maybe you won them at a tournament, so how do you get your dirty sleeves looking good again so you can continue to play with them without having opponents cringe when cutting your deck.

There is a safe and effective way to clean them. Simply take a rag and moisten it with lukewarm water and then clean both surfaces of the sleeve by moving the rag in circular motions. If this isn’t enough, you can always apply a little elbow grease. Sometimes bits of dirt will be stuck in the plastic itself and these may need to be scraped off with a fingernail or credit card. Don’t use any detergent or cleaning products, these might damage the sleeves.

This method won’t make your sleeves 100% new, but it will give them new life and they will look a lot better than they did before.

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