Flesh and Blood Everfest Released

Hurrah! The newest Flesh and Blood set – Everfest releases today! After an exciting spoiler season we can finally get our hands on this new set. It’s super awesome that Legend Story Studios is leading the way with environmentally friendly paper booster wrapping!

Arcanite Skull is getting it’s first reprint, the new Bravo looks NUTS, and with lots of new cards getting added to the game it begs the question; How much is this new set going to shake up the meta and where will the meta settle?

Deckbuilding is going to be super exciting with the release of this set!

Best of luck to those who are going to be cracking packs!

Check out the Everfest card gallery here .

Info on the set (first-edition):

  • 198 card set (1 Fabled, 3 Legendary, 45 Majestic, 61 Rares, 88 Commons)
  • 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per display, 4 displays per case.
  • Designed to expand constructed play.
  • Contains new cards for every hero in the game.
  • Contains cold foils.
  • Industry first fully recyclable paper booster wrappers.
  • Display MSRP: $99.90 USD / €99.90 EUR / $129.90 CAD / $144.90 AUD / $144.90 NZD
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