Dragon Shield Art Sleeves

For the first time ever, Dragon Shield is proud to announce the inclusion of Limited Edition Art Sleeves to our Classic and Matte lines. Finally, customers can enjoy world-class Dragon Shield quality without whitening edges, broken images, cracks or creases.

Whereas other popular art sleeves use a technique called “layering,” in which an image is layered on top of the sleeve, making shuffling difficult and causing fast breakage, the Dragon Shield Art Sleeve uses proprietary technology developed in our secret dragon laboratories in Denmark to bring you gorgeous art infused directly onto the Dragon Shield sleeve. In other words: You won’t experience any of problems you might have had in the past.

The first three Art Sleeves will release world-wide in January 2018 and include:

  • ‘Gaial, Sire of Arcania’ — Printed on a Dragon Shield Matte White Sleeve with Artwork by Magic: the Gathering legendary artist Ian Miller.
  • ‘Draxis, the Magnificent’ — Printed on a Dragon Shield Classic White sleeve with Artwork by Magic: the Gathering and Warhammer RPG’s Luis Lasahido.
  • ‘Tanur, the Furnace’ — Printed on a Dragon Shield Classic White Sleeve with Artwork by Magic: the Gathering, Pathfinder, and Dungeons and Dragons artist Jesper Ejsing.

Experience the difference with these TOUGH AS SCALES art sleeves this January!

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