New Features Now Available on Card Manager

New features are now available on our Card Manager apps!

Track your sold cards value over time and find out if you made a great deal on it (or, a really bad one, like trading a near mint Alpha Badlands for a cool looking Quilled Slagwurm!) Additionally, we added several new Sorting and Grouping options, making it easier for you to navigate your card collection and find the cards you’re looking for.


Sold Cards

Whenever you sell or trade a card, you can now add it to the new ‘Sold Cards’ list on the main menu of the app. You can add a sold card by scanning, text search, or by adding it directly from your Inventory or Trade List. After setting the sold price, the app will automatically track its value over time, and show you how much money you won or lost by selling the card. We’ll also provide aggregate statistics of how much you’ve earned by selling cards, the Top 5 best performing cards, earnings rate, and much more. Last, but not least, this new feature is completely free for available for everyone to use!

Our users have been requesting new Sorting and Grouping options to some time now, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve added many new options for all our apps.


Sorting and Grouping options

For our MTG app, you can now sort by Mana Value, Card Number, Date Bought or Sold, and Group by Set, Color, Card Type, and more! Pokémon TCG players can now Group cards by Type, HP, Energy Type, Sets, Name, and also sort by HP, Name, Current Value and more. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s new Grouping options include Attribute Icon, Level, Type, Set and Name. And Flesh and Blood players can now Group by Sets, Pitch, Cost, Type, Class, and more!

We hope you’re excited for the new features. If you have any feedback to share, please write us at [email protected]