Frequently Asked Questions

Foiling can cause a card to bend over time, particularly if left in extreme temperatures or if it experiences changes in humidity. The foil is actually a thin layer of plastic embedded in your card. If the card gets moist or too dry it will expand or contract and the plastic will curl to follow it. Double-sleeving using a Perfect Fit Sealable inner sleeve shortly after the foil card leaves the booster pack can help keep a constant humidity around the card, which can help mitigate curling.

All sleeves are made from a relatively thin sheet of polypropylene plastic and as such there is a natural limit to the amount of pigment the material can hold. The thicker the material, the more opaque it becomes. Darker pigments also tend to be easier to concentrate and will reflect light less than brighter pigments.

If one wishes to increase opacity a simple solution would be to add layers in order to add thickness – and if that layer is darkly tinted, even better. To that end we have designed the Perfect Fit Smoke inner sleeve which helps opacity-challenged sleeves gain the full functionality of covering up a double-sided card. Our Dual Sleeves are also completely opaque regardless of color due to the unique process that goes into manufacturing them.

Lilac, Mist and Baby Blue were all limited edition colors, so they were only ever planned for one (large) printing, which is sold out most places by now. Unfortunately, being limited edition means that we do not have any current plans to revisit the colors.

Based on player feedback we have since moved away from doing limited edition colors, but unfortunately These colors were some of the few colors that was released this way. Only five colors have been made as limited edition colors: Lilac, Mist, Baby Blue, Clear Blue and Clear Purple.

Do you need sleeves to play in a tournament?

“Our formula is constantly evolving to produce a better, stronger, more consistent sleeve. However, we have not retroactively changed the formula for any specific color or version – a Classic Black from today is identical to a Classic Black from 10 years ago.”

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves use a new technique that allows printing directly on a Dragon Shield sleeve. Dragon Shield Art sleeves don’t have the typical issues other art sleeves have, such as peeling or whitening. While our Art sleeves are printed on existing Classic and Matte textured foil, they are essentially a new category of Dragon Shield sleeves with different shuffling characteristics than either predecessor. The same goes for Brushed, a texture currently exclusive to Art Sleeves. Try them out and judge for yourself!

Different parts of the world may receive products at different times. Keep in mind that most of our products are not stocked in the American-style “big box” stores, like Walmart or Target. Check with your local shop and ask them to ask their distributor.