Dragon Shield is one of the most recognizable brands within gaming accessories in the world. Known for their strength, durability, and fantastic value, players and retailers know that Dragon Shield products truly are “Tough as Scales.”

For those in need of protection, either against the dark magic of an evil mage, or the everyday scuffle of intense card play, there is only one choice: Dragon Shield.

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Arcania: Kingdom of Dragon Shield

Since time immemorial, the warring dragons of Arcania have clawed paths to territory and treasure, fighting with the empires of men for dominance over the realm.

In times of peace, the vibrant and varied dragons coexist with mankind, occasionally joining forces against the darkness that threatens to overtake their shared home.

But with each new species of dragon uncovered, Arcania’s magical mysteries only deepen.

Now that the powerful dark wizard Saturion has discovered the Wyrm Gate, a conduit between worlds powered by the ancient and mystical Dragon Shields, he plots to pillage neighboring dimensions and return with an army to steal the Dragon Shields for himself, spelling doom for all.

But dragons do not take threats lightly, for fire burns in their bellies and rage in their hearts. They are cunning. They are combative.

And they are hungry.